#14 Bubble Gum


 Hey everyone, I was feeling really girly & decided to add a lot of pink to this Mercy Outfit, You can wear this in soo many ways, enjoy!


BOW – Laviere Candy Bow “White”
HAIR – SpellBound Morrigan Boobs Gacha “Unnatural Ombres & Dips RARE” *Exclusively @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
SUNGLASSES – Faun Vintage Ferren Frames “Gold”
LIPSTICK – Pink Acid Lipstick 12 Pack “Magenta”
TEETH – HighRize *Cosmetics* Gold Grill Set
NECKLACE – Lime Double Chain Unicorn Necklace “Gold”
OUTFIT – T.O.DMercy Outfit
BRACELET –B18 Love Bracelet “Gold”
WATCH SET – 7891 Hue Mkay Set “Gold”
BELLY CHAIN – Arise Booty Chain “Gold”
TIGHTS – Salt Ripped Holdups “1”
SANDALS – Cold Ambitions Gold Spike Sandals “Pink”

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