#15 Lady Patra



I never really know what to say when it comes to describing my photos, I want to show you all the not so typical way of wearing the items that catch my eye. I recently started learning & using photoshop, in the future I will be showing more close ups of the smaller accessories, makeup & hair..Enjoy & don’t forget to support my blog by sharing if you like my work!

HAIR – Milk Jupiter “Browns” CARD *Exclusively @ Kustom9*
HEAD JEWELERY – Random Matter Matter Arrietty Head Jewel “Gold”
SHADES – Sorgo Rack Shades “Black” *Exclusively @Kustom9*
EARRINGS – Foil Aloha Earring “Pink”
SEPTUM – SYL Venchy Nose Ring “V2”
LIPSTICK – Pink Acid Elegant Lipstick Pack 2 “Magenta”
GRILL – HighRize *Cosmetics* Gold Grill Set
NECKLACE – Yummy Bombshell Beads “Aqua” *Exclusively @C88*
TOP – Lethal Tucked Muscel Tank “Mermaid *exclusively @ Kustom9
BOTTOMS – ::67:: Four Corners Jegging
BRACELET – Pure Poison Screw Handcuffs *Subscriber Gift*
WATCH – Reign Boho Watch Gacha “Teal”
FLATS – ReignPhoebe Flip Flops “Barbie”


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