MAAI Interview with Designer Snow Wolfhunter

 Wedding season is upon us, I see a lot of woman on my Facebook that are getting married, Congrats to all of you. I was doing research on wedding dresses, so that I could blog for all of you. I headed over to MAAI to check out the lasted. The Designer Snow has fabulous Lola & PhatAzz compatible gowns & wedding dresses. During my time browsing I thought…”I wish I could have a chance to talk to the designer, pick her brain a little” needles to say I’ve always been the curious type lol I’m happy to announce that along with an interview I also landed MAAI as a Sponsor, so stay tuned for more gowns styled by MrsTalisa Resident! Enjoy!

_ Maai _ Logo Black


1. I see that you have been inworld for 4 years, who & what brought you to Second Life?

A couple of years ago there was en episode on CSI whit Second Life. Probably the weirdest way to come across this game, but what can i say 🙂

2. Out of all the things you could make/do in SL why did you decide to be a clothing designer? Do you have any RL experience?

I love pretty things, that’s always my answer. I don’t have rl experience, but i do love fashion.

3. As I walk through your store I see that you have more gowns then anything, why gowns over all? 
I’m planning of making more casuals and shoes, but i firstly do love elegance in female fashion, and nothing brings it out like gowns and lovely lingerie.

4. Where do you pull inspiration from when it comes to your designs?
I do love fashion shows, red carpets and pretty much anything that has fashion in it. I truly believe it to be art.

5. What can the fans expect from the Summer line *upcoming releases* from MAAI?
Well 🙂 mostly summer dresses and summer gowns, lighter and silk textures, and hopefully summer shoes and heels.

6. If you aren’t busy working on MAAI, where can we spot you & what are you doing?
Usually just hanging around my platform, figuring out how to make new things 🙂

7. You are one of my go to designers , I want to know who you are wearing?
I wear mine dresses and gowns when im feeling formal. For casuals i mostly go to Coco ( in SL ). I trully respect her work, and hope to be as amazing one day.

8. A lot of designers tend to look different then what they create, describe your style?
Im just your every day ordinary girl. Jeans, shirts and boots. I do love heels, but i wear them more often in SL, as they don’t hurt my feet there 😀

9. If you could choose any model in Real Life to be your spokesmodel, who would it be?
Dita Von Teese.

10. Is there anything you wish to say or talk about to our readers?
Just a quote i live on – In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.



Red carpet ready in MAAI‘s Ellen Gown in Purple

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