Hey everyone im in the spirit of giving considering the success ive had with my blog! So you want to know how to win a little shopping spree on me? Its simple, here are the details…

#1 One of my favorite biweekely events to shop at is Fi Friday, I want to see all the contestants in at least 2 items that they bought in one of the May/June rounds (If you have never heard of Fi Friday its a weekly event where EVERYTHING is 55L *im a cheapskate* you’ll need to head over & purchase 2 items)

#2 Snap a picture, get all decked out & show us how you do it! (Take a full body image of yourself in your Fi Friday Items & whatever accessories and fabulousness you have on, This image will later be added to the blog in a poll where other readers can vote, so be sure to share the blog with your friends on your Second Life Social Media)

#3 Fill out the notecard & attach Full Perm Image
FB link:
Fi Friday Items:
Sponsor you wish to shop at (if winner):

When you are done these 3 simple steps send the notecard to MrsTalisa Resident
you have 2 weeks to submit your information as of Friday May 23, 2014. Contest entry will close on Friday June 6th, 2014. On Saturday I will Post contestants images along with a poll for voters. They will have one week to vote (Voting closes on Saturday June 13th, 2014. I will announce the winner on Sunday. If you fail to redeem your winnings in one week the shopping spree will go to the next in line.

If you understand the requirements of the contest please copy/past #3 & send away!
Best of luck to all you fashionstas!

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