THE ‘PASSION for FASHION’ Competitions & Runway Shows


Hey everyone! Its been such a busy weekend both in SL & RL, over the weekend I was asked by one of my FAVORITE Designers Moody Artis to Style, Model, Edit & Shoot these 5 looks for her fashion show booth! In case you missed it, it was quite the turn out, the house was packed, I really had a great time! I would also like to add that Tranquility Oaks Apartments was one of the sponsors for  THE ‘PASSION for FASHION’ Competitions & Runway shows, where you can find not 1 but 2 of my sponsors participated in!

Tranquility Oaks Origin

Tranquility Oaks Apartments…”Where Luxury Meets Nature”

 At Tranquility Oaks they provide state of the art security, beautiful community pool, beach, fun family park, barbecue grills, laundry facility, gym, gazebo, multi car garage and bicycles available for you to cycle around and view our Tranquil Oak Trees.

If you are in need of assistance with finding YOUR Tranquility, please click the staff board in our leasing office to contact one of their staff members online.



All Apartments are FURNISHED and include extra prims for your own use. We have one unit of each size for viewing. Contact the owners for a guided tour of the complex.

1 Bedroom Unit 599$L/week
UNIT 101 thru 108

2 Bedroom Unit 799$L/week
UNIT 201 thru 208

3 Bedroom Unit 999$L / week
UNIT 301 thru 308


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