All Bases Loaded

Mainstore is currently under construction but I am doing events! You may add me on FACEBOOK to stay updated!


•DOUBLE PURCHASES: please send me a NC with your transaction history (## & with the day / the hour) of the purchases and I will get to you as soon as possible.

•REDELIVERY: bought a item and didn’t receive it? Please send me a NC with the day and the hour of the purchase / item purchased.

•NO REFUNDS: If you are contacting me for a refund I’m sorry but I can only give refunds on double purchases as my items are no transfer.
(All sales are FINAL)


My store is still in the “Start up” phase so I will only be taking on more bloggers!

Notecard The following 

• Name

• Blog Link

• FB Link

•Flickr Link


****PLEASE NOTE**** 

As a dedicated blogger myself I want to make sure I have the same for my store. By applying you are agreeing to blog at least 3 times a month!

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