one of my favorite stores is holding a mothers day hunt with tons of goodies! go to the Addicted by Glam Mainstore & look for pink lipsticks..curious about whats in the hunt? Look around the store to see the trendy high quality items they sell

Calling all Fashionistas!

Are you obsessed with Second Life Fashion?

Do you want to show your style to the world but don’t have the time to run a blog?

Send MrsTalisa Resident a photo of your style including at least 4 items from this month *May* & you might have a chance to be featured on All Bases Loaded this month! please include the following in a notecard, if you have any questions feel free to include them as well.

Please keep in mind that there is no compensation for blogging with All Bases Loaded, this is a project that is based on exploring your creativity. I am accepting Fashionistas every month starting this month! 




Links (Facebook, twitter, Instagram):

Do you own a business in SL, work or blog elsewhere? (If so where)

Do you have experience with WordPress & Photoshop?

Explain your style in Second Life?

Is there something about your look you consider to be your trademark? Whats your “Thing”?

Tell me about your favorite stores & events in Second Life?

How often do you spend at your favorite stores & events?

It takes at least 2 hours to write up a post & edit a photo for a blog, how much time are you willing to give ABL to shoot & interview you?

What makes you special, what would you want to share with the world if you had a chance too?

Include photos of your best looks max 5 pics

If you understand that this blog can bring opportunities but doesn’t compensate you please send this via notecard, you can find my info to the right of this post.

REIGN a sale all over us!


Hey everyone! I woke up today with a nice surprise, REIGN has decided to open up a sale store beside their mainstore! *Smiles* Everything in the sale store & on the side walk is 100L *or less*! They will be rotating the sale items regularly so check at least once a week.. Dont forget to share this post with all your friends if you want me to keep blogging about my discoveries!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend..