#91 Merlot




HAIR – SPELLBOUND ToothBrush “Brunnettes”
LIPSTICK – PINK ACID Elegant Lipstick 12 Pack “Merlot”
TOWEL – IRETRO White Bandana Shoulder Towel
TOP – 67 Cavs crop Top *LYFE OF STYLE*
SHORTS – VASHTY M Dipped Acid Shorts “V1” *LYFE OF STYLE*
BOTTLE – 7891 As If Water Holder “Gold”
SHOES – JS SPORTSWEAR Sky Wedges “White/Red”

#69 More Like So – Hot




HAIR – CHEVEUX F049 “Browns”
SHADES – 7891 Jewl Cateye Shades Gacha “Red”*EXCLUSIVELY @ SOHO MARKET*
BIKINI – SO – HAI Bora Bikini “Blue” *New Summer ’14 Collection*
ARM CHAIN – LUXURY Chain Arm Bands “Silver”
BELLY CHAIN – ECCO Mesh Belly Chains “White”
HEELS – COLD AMBITIONZ Verano Strapped Heel “Sky” *Slink Medium*

SO-HAI launched their summer collection, you can find this bikini at the mainstore






HAIR – TABLEAU VIVANT Beaumont Hair “Monsoon Pack”
HEADBAND – TOD Rose Halo “Blue” *Exclusively @ APPLIERS EXPO*
SHADES – 7891 Stoned Circle Shades Gacha *Exclusively @ SOHO MARKET*
NECKLACE – MUNIQUE Double Necklace “Gold”
TOP – TRES BLAH Summer Kimono “Floral” *Exclusively @SUMMERFEST 2014*
SHORTS – SO-HAI Ripped Shorts “Dark Blue” *Exclusively @ APPLIERS EXPO*
HEELS –L. WARWICK High Strapped Heels “Tanned”

#6 Addicted


This post is brought to you by my lastest sponsor #Addicted by Glam..Moody the creator has a lot of fun with patterns and colours, please check her out *LM below* & dont forget to share this post!


MAKEUP – Bens BeautyDaily makeup *full face makeup*
HAIR – Moon Cult Division “deep ombres” *exclusively @ The Chapter Four*



DRESS – Addiction by Glam Versace Dress *exclusively @ Lyfe of Style*


TATTOO –Letis Tattoo Inermis “MM13017”
HEADPIECE – GeWunjo Merin “gold”
NECKLACE – .Pekka. Eye Necklace “gold” *exclusively @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
CLUTCH – 7891 Swell Clutch “gold”
SANDALS – HucciVinnista Sandal “gold”