#12 GASP


The first thing I put on when styling this post was the pink bodysuit, I sat here for a good 20 mins thinking..there’s so many ways this could go, from Fantasy, SteamPunk, Cyber or just flat out street sexy. I was going for some what of a post apocalyptic vixen..enjoy!

HEADPIECE – Le Forme Romantic Flower Headband *Exclusively @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
HAIR – +Spellbound+ Medusa “Natural Ombers & Dips”
EYE MAKEUP – Dammed Cateyes
GAS MASK – Obscure Quansys Gas Mask “Pink” *Exclusively @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
BODYSUIT – Millesime DesignzKimora Body Suit “Pink”
HANDS – DRD Demon Hands “Black”
HEELS – TSG Bubbles Heels “Black”